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    Abusive Men Exploring New Directions
    American Arm Wrestling Association
    American Blind Skiing Foundation
    American Volleyball Association
    American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association
    American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association
    American Model Soldiers Society
    American Victims of Abortion
    Armchair Detective Magazine
    Ask a Silly Question
    Association for Gravestone Recognizing
    Association for Voluntary Surgical Contraception
    Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs
    Bacchus of the U.S.
    Bold-headed Men of America
    Beer Can Collectors of America
    Big Beautiful Women
    Blues Foundation
    Boring Institute
    Caricaturists Society of America
    Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies
    Children before Dogs
    Children of Alcoholic Parents
    Cigarette Pack Collectors
    Clowns of America
    Costume Collection
    Death Row Support Project
    Emerge: A Men's Counseling Service on Domestic Violence
    Feminist Karate Union
    Friends of the Tango
    Grandmother Club of America
    Ladies (Life After Divorce is Eventually Sane)
    Little People of America
    Miniature Book Society
    Monarchist Alliance
    National Guild of Hypnotists
    Overeaters Anonymous
    Pot Smokers Anonymous
    Society of Dirty Old Men
    Treasure Hunting Research and Information Center
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Caricaturists Society of America

P.O. Box 07098, Brooklyn, NY 11207

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